8 Awesome Apps for OKC Apartment Living

April 29, 2016 2:17 pm Published by Comments Off on 8 Awesome Apps for OKC Apartment Living

Whether you’re new to Oklahoma City or have lived here for years, there’s a lot to explore and a lot to know. Between the weather, the restaurants, and the community, Oklahoma City is one-of-a-kind. With all that J Marshall Square has to offer, living Big in the city has never been better. Want to know how to stay up-to-date and make the most of your luxury apartment life in OKC? There’s an app for that.

1.  Whole Foods

That’s right, your favorite grocery store (just down the street from J Marshall Square), has an app. Download in-store coupons, find recipes using your favorite fresh ingredients, and even schedule home delivery of your groceries, straight to your door – a perk we’re proud to offer at J Marshall.

2. Locavore

The supermarket selections around J Marshall Square are great, but if you prefer buying fresh and local produce at farmers markets, you’ll want to download Locavore. This app not only shows you farmers markets near you, it tells you which produce is in season based on your location.

3. My Measures & Dimensions

For the interior design aficionado: never be without the information you need to know. If you’re out shopping for furniture, art, or other pieces to make your Big House® a home, My Measures and Dimensions can save your wall lengths, fixture heights, and furniture dimensions with just the touch of a button. Wondering if you really have the wall space for a new piece of art? Just pull out your smartphone.

4. Wellbeats

J Marshall Square’s clubhouse is home to one of the most innovative fitness systems available anywhere. Wellbeats features virtual, personalized fitness classes at the touch of a button in our beautiful studio. But don’t let the fun stop there: download Wellbeats’ exclusive app, only available to residents with studio access, to bring your experience from the clubhouse studio directly into your home. Gain access to tutorials for various techniques, 24/7 access to video classes from any mobile device, and personalized workout plans and fitness tests to help you meet your fitness goals.

5. Truck It OKC

Calling all food truck lovers … J Marshall Square is in the vicinity of some top-notch eateries, but OKC is also home to some of the best food trucks, which can be hard to track down as they travel around the city. Ever had a craving for Big Truck Tacos, Chick N Wangs, or Katiebug’s, but didn’t know where they were parked that day? Truck It OKC solves this problem for you, tracking down your favorite trucks, alerting you where they’ll be next, and highlighting delicious menu items for you to try.

6. News9 Weather

Oklahoma’s inclement weather is infamous. Stay alert on bad weather days with News9’s up-to-date weather app. Although we of course never want to anticipate dangerous storms, most J Marshall Square units have garages with interior storage areas that would be a safe place to huddle, in the event of inclement weather. News9’s app has real-time stats and updates to keep you safe.

7. Keep It Local

J Marshall Square is proud to be in the heart of the Western District and a partner of Classen Curve. We’re all about keeping it local, and what better way to do that than carrying a Keep It Local card? To complement your card, the Keep It Local app helps you find the best restaurants, shops and services around, all while earning rewards and discounts for shopping at your favorite places. It’s easy to use and a great way to support local businesses.

8. Uber

Last but not least, it’s the go-to transportation app. If you haven’t taken an Uber yet, it’s time to go exploring. Uber finds and alerts the driver nearest you and can have you picked up and on your way to your destination within minutes. Use the app to request a ride, easily split fares with friends, ask for a specific driver, and schedule a pick-up so you can enjoy nights on the town with friends. Getting home safely and responsibly is taken care of with Uber.


These apps are sure to help you live BIG at J Marshall Square. Which apps did we miss? Let us know on Facebook.

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